Safari Park Locations and the Best Safari Trips Around the World

Books like Tarzan and films like Jungle Jim fed our interest in the unknown jungle and more people began to dream of the howl of the wild, the buzz of the safari park camp mosquitoes and the lure of the jungle. Once, only the wealthy were able to go on a jungle safari but later the deep, dark jungle began to open up and with the creation of the safari park more people were able to go out on safari. Safari park hunting began to be done with lenses rather than rifle sights, and the world’s remaining jungle was protected within the desert safari dubai deals parks and visitors housed more comfortably. But a safari, even within a safari park, is still thought of as a romantic adventure into uncharted territories.

Lions, always referred to as the kings of the jungle, are more prevalent on the Duba Plains and in fact this area in Botswana boasts the only pride of lions who actively hunt elephants. Leopards, their sleek dukes, dwell on the Sabi Sands and within South Luangwa Safari Park’s boundaries. Rhinos are best sought and spotted in the Hluhluwe-Unfolozi Safari Park, the open expanses of Damaraland or the magical Ngorongoro Crater, and their cousins the more docile looking, but no less dangerous hippos, have healthy populations in Liwonde and Selinda Safari Parks. If it’s wildebeest that fascinate you there is no better experience than the annual Serengeti migration, to my mind one of the world’s seven natural wonders.

Over the past 30 years I have been to Africa many times and feel very lucky to have taken part in both the hunting and camera shooting safaris, but I have no idea which safari park to recommend you to begin – there is just so much to see. The most valuable advice in these times of great safari park accessibility is to choose the animals you hope to see on your safari and to travel into those safari parks where the populations are the largest.

My personal favourites are the ever surprising elephants, more agile than you expect and living in family groups, I’ll never tire of watching them; even though I’ll permit there is less action to be expected than from some of the big cats. I’ve seen elephants all over Africa but my favourite place was in the Okavango River Delta region where I came upon an entire group playing with their young ones in the water. Spraying each other and giving gentle nudges like barges, this was the most incredible thing I have ever seen and inspired me to get involved with Elephant Care International. So it was literally a life changing experience.

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