New Book Shares One Pastor’s Unique and Personal Relationship With God

In Rushing the Floodgates of Heaven: For Those Who Are Thirsty!, Nathan French, a pastor in Washington State, offers a special look at the personal conversations he’s had with God. French previously wrote IT ISN’T Meant to Be a Secret: God Wants to Speak to You, where he shared his dramatic story of drug use and a failed suicide attempt-failed because he believes God intervened to save him for better things. Nathan’s father, himself a minister, found bring him home and help the healing begin. Furthermore, his mother has been his chief supporter and the editor of his writings, fully believing in her son’s capability to communicate with God and convey His words. God has clearly blessed Nathan with phenomenal parents.
In Rushing the Floodgates of Heaven, Nathan shares with readers the personal journal entries he made between September 2011 and April 2012, picking up where his first book left off. In each entry, he records what he hears God telling him. They are not prophecies like those of Isaiah and Jeremiah, but similar to friendly conversations, although the voice of the Old Testament God is heard clearly here as is the gentle voice of Jesus. Besides the words themselves, Nathan often has visions of Jesus doing simple things such as sitting beside him that reflect the personal closeness that God wishes to possess with most of His children.
In the passages, we get a few hints about Nathan’s conversational process with God. Nathan writes down what God tells him. In a single passage, God says:
Request Personal Prophecy
“When I speak these things to you, you should remember that you do much better when you do not have your own thoughts in the way. Write only the word I give you next. Your faith brings another word forth. That is the method that you know it really is from Me because surely in the event that you did this aside from Me, you would not need complete sentences.”
In another passage, God remarks:
“Notice that when you write by faith, you do not know what another word will probably be until you write down the final one. Write by faith-not by thoughts. Process information by My Spirit, which bypasses your brain and sends signals from the heart. The purer the heart, the purer the signal. Root out all that’s not from light and let My light shine.”
But more important than the process of how Nathan communicates with God will be the words God shares with him.
Some of these words are very dramatic. For example, during a church service, God tells Nathan:
“Point to the solution-don’t concentrate on the problem. Remember that I reward every act of faith. Put your foot in the water and strike the rock just how I tell you to. I am preparing to bring fire, and everyone will experience Me. Increase your hands to the sky; then drop them down and say, ‘I release the Holy Fire of heaven.’ I’ll come down to purify my saints.”
Third , message, Nathan tells us that “Through the church service, one son was freed from addiction. His feet were so hot that he took his shoes off for several days.”
All of the messages have daily themes or topics, and sometimes there are multiple ones per day. Topics discussed include how people treat Santa Claus compared to God, the significance of forgiveness of others, forgiveness of sins, the value of unity among Christians, help with how Nathan should serve as pastor, gossip, jealousy, obedience, and the need for people to come back to the Lord. I really like the passage about the need for Unity among Christians once the Lord says: “Everyone has issues and hurts that need help. People need each other-the days of Lone-Ranger-Christianity are over. Unity requires more than one.”